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If your organization is looking to improve its situation, Marquez can assist with that.

Marquez is available in a consulting or independent contractor capacity to assist with your business or organizational needs. His experience, background, and education in operations, sales, marketing, and instruction allows him to understand all the different facets of running a business and the importance of optimization. Together, you two will review your current processes and procedures. Marquez will then work with you and your team to find additional perspectives to allow for more avenues of growth and efficiency.

He is ideally suited to work with small and medium sized business. It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or are already established, he can help. His CHALLENGE Experience may even be incorporated as part of the overall approach in assisting your business or organization to adapt, achieve, and advance.

Please contact him today to determine if a Support Plan is applicable or if a more involved role is needed for your specific situation.

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