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Marquez Mosher's Story

Well, my story starts as many do these days...a dysfunctional, broken home. My parents were alcoholics (eventually recovering) and between the two, I lived in many different worlds. On any given night I might be hanging out with my Dad's Hell's Angel friends or I might find myself at a Presidential candidate's fundraiser because my Mother was involved in politics. As you might imagine, they divorced. I was about 11 years old at the time of the divorce and I spent a good chunk of the summer before 6th grade by myself. It was actually a very introverted time for me. I spent a lot of moments thinking about who I was, what I wanted to be, and most importantly...who I wanted to be in the future. Oh, and I spent a lot of time listening to music...lots and lots of music!

On our 6th grade graduation trip, some so-called friends of mine and my girlfriend decided to jump ahead in front of some people in line. I froze. I knew it was wrong. I didn’t follow. I spent the rest of the trip by myself (they didn’t wait for me after the ride) and being ridiculed on the bus all the way back home. I learned then and there the importance of decision making. It also taught me about mindset and how the two are linked.

I had a fairly normal middle school experience and my high school time was pretty tame, as well....until the end of my senior year, that is. I was in a very serious relationship and truly believed I would marry this girl. One problem, I was one year ahead and had been offered a full athletic (football) scholarship to Yale. Should I go? Should I stay? Pros? Cons? This was a big decision! I ultimately chose not to go (yeah, yeah, yeah...I’ve heard it all by now - especially from my own kids - lol). It wasn’t just the relationship, I just knew deep down that I didn’t want to leave the west coast and I really didn’t have the passion I would need to succeed at the levels I expected of myself. Another major mindset and decision making moment. 

Unfortunately, that relationship did not last. We stayed together my freshman year in college (I graduated from a local Cal State university with a Degree in Business Marketing) and she spent her senior year cheating on me. Lesson learned!

Again, it was my mindset that helped me persevere through these rather tough times. Little did I know, it was just the start to a 10 year or so stretch that would test my mindset and decision making skills like you wouldn’t believe.

The following events all taught me how important it was to have a positive and optimistic outlook on life AND how if it’s not coupled with good decision making skills, things can still go sideways.

To save time, I will summarize. Please feel free to ask for details if you’d like to know more. I would be happy to discuss!

  • Got married at 22 years old!
    • She was 20...
  • Honeymoon son!
    • Nine months after wedding...
  • Realized we married too young!
    • Too late
  • Daughter born!
    • One year & nine months after son...
  • Father dies day before daughter is born
    • REPEATING: Father dies the day before daughter is born
  • Received small inheritance!
    • Started a business!
  • Mother is estranged due to argument over wife...
  • Marriage counseling!
    • Worked for me - not so much for
  • Inheritance spent and gone now...
  • Divorce!
    • She cheated and left me - Is this a pattern? lol
  • Reconnected with mother!
  • Single parent...
  • Earning six figures!
    • Still broke due to bills...
    • No help from ex...
    • Eviction notice...
    • Collection calls...
    • Bounced check at one point (so not good)!
  • Very, very lonely...
  • Met current wife!
    • She’s definitely the ONE!
    • Raising our four kids.
    • Almost all adults now.
  • ​Worked through a sexual assault on my daughter...
    • ​Contributed to a tumultuous first semester away at college...
    • Needed to came home to "reset"...
    • A fresh start is doing wonders for her!
  • Assisted son with financial independence much more than expected...
    • Had issue with college housing (they admitted their mistake, but with no remedy).
    • Has his own apartment now!
  • Dealing with a son who has a substance abuse issue...
    • Counseling and many family conversations to keep him sober...
    • It will always be an ongoing battler for him, but he's a fighter!
  • Careers on track!
    • ​Wife is a successful real estate agent and Productivity Coach for other real estate agents.
    • Created our own and assisted friends with numerous business ventures.
    • Experiencing and enjoying all the challenges of entrepreneurship!
  • Continue with my deep & passionate desire to help others!
    • ​Vision Perspective Group
    • ​Working on my Master's Degree in Education
  • Life Is Good!

The point of all of this is that it readied me for this path. A path dedicated to helping individuals and organizations improve their situation. As you can see, I’ve been there, done that. I can relate to many, many situations and I want to use that experience to help you or your organization accomplish your goals and attain success, however that success is defined.

I welcome any questions, comments, and conversations regarding my past so ask away.   :-) 

Talk to you soon!


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