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What is The CHALLENGE Experience?

As you may have noticed from the video on the Start page, we do things a bit differently and, as you might have guessed, this applies here, as well. The CHALLENGE Experience classes aren't your traditional "courses" or "programs". They're interactive classes complete with assignments, discussions, and assessments that are designed to increase your critical thinking specifically as it relates to your decision making skills. There's an emphasis on perspective and mindset since those are the main drivers in the decision making process. The classes becomes more like one on one journeys to improve your current situation and lay the groundwork for your future. 

You see, we want to challenge the interaction you have with the different aspects of your life. We want you to step back from how you usually think, speak, and act in an effort to determine if this is truly the most productive and efficient way to get where you want to be. Is it leading you to achieve success, accomplish goals, and finding fulfillment?

We'll concentrate on how you engage with yourself, others, and the world at large. Therefore, your perspective and mindset will be questioned for two very important reasons:

  • Your perspective filters your views of the world, as well as yourself. It is how you choose to see yourself, how you see others, and how others see you. Therefore, we have a responsibility to try and understand multiple points of view in order to enhance our decision making skills.
  • Your mindset determines your interactions with the world, including the thoughts you create, the words you choose, and the actions you take. It defines how we interpret our surroundings. In fact, the outcome of situations can be influenced or even anticipated before they even happen, based on your mindset. It is why it is such critical element of solid decision making skills.

There are eight CHALLENGE  thought processes. A description for each is detailed below. We'll work together to help you achieve a solid understanding of each one. You'll feel more confident and fulfilled moving forward into your bright, new future. Let's get started! 


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"Perspective" & "Mindset":

  • They are not the same. It is important to understand them individually and their interconnectivity, especially as it relates to how important they are to decision making.

"P.R." Perspective:

  • This details why personal responsibility is so important for critical thinking, communication, and engagement. It sets the foundation for everything else.

"P.R.O.P.E.R." Mindset:

  • Our mindset is key to making solid decisions. The importance of this cannot be overstated. The consequences of our decisions define who we are, determine our success, and dictate the future.

"P.I.E.C.E." It Together:

  • These are the building blocks for a successful communication and engagement strategy whether in your personal, professional, or organizational life.

"Common" Principle:

  • A few reminders to help keep any type of communications or negotiations on track. Much needed reminders that smooth the way.

"4C" Success:

  • Four core ideas to to help create successful and lasting partnerships. Sometimes, simplicity can be your best asset.

"C.P.R. - X":

  • This is a road map designed to assist in detailing the steps necessary to make a solid decision. It lays out various objectives and objections that need to be addressed to make a successful choice.

"Think H.O.P.E.":

  • This is a five (5) level deep introspection activity that provides thought markers or personality points that help create an optimistic, positive, and performance-based mindset. It's not just about wishing, but actually doing something productive.

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