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Support Options

Marquez offers the following options as stand alone packages for support or continuing support after the CHALLENGE Experience

This consists of access to Marquez throughout the month via email, text, or chat. It also includes access to the combined knowledge of VPG's leadership team. This plan allows a simple path of communication as you encounter situations in which you would like advice or guidance. It is very efficient and allows us to assist you on a ongoing basis, answering questions, and providing support. - $99

This includes the Support package and adds one (1) "check in" phone / video call to support your goals, as well as proactive bi-weekly check-ins. Designed for those just starting out and deciding on which direction they want to go. It's also good for those who have a sense of what they want and prefer just a bit of accountability. - $249

This includes the Support package and adds two (2) "update" phone / video calls, as well as proactive weekly check-ins. Ideal for those who are ready to move forward and take control! - $349

This includes the Support package and adds four (4) "accountability" phone / video calls, as well as proactive ongoing check-ins. This is for those who charged up and ready to hit the next level! - $499

Please let us know which option you feel is most appropriate for you. All plans are billed monthly and can be upgraded or downgraded as needed. There is no monthly roll-over of items. 

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