"Fair", "Equal", "Equitable"?


What do you think when you hear the terms "fair", "equal", and "equitable"? Better yet, what do you feel?

I mean, after all, they are good things, yes? They could never be used as weapons of any sort, right?

So not true. There are those who want you to believe that these are the attributes to aspire to, but they fail to mention how they are using them to curtail the rights and privileges for some and, worse yet, keep others at a disadvantage in life.

Understand the difference in each one's meaning and apply them accordingly. Do not use them as instruments of control. Use them as the equalizers they are meant to be. How do you feel we should interpret, differentiate, and use them in life?


"Think More : Care More : LIVE More" - Have a life full of awareness, kindness, and action!