I've been told I am "different" many times. I am proud of that.

Different is not better or worse...it's just...well, different. Now, some may say that different is a detriment and they would be correct...if you let it be. You see, different is a blessing.

It allows you freedoms that "normal" does not. Embrace being different, but understand that being different isn't an excuse to behave poorly or treat others badly. There is a responsibility that goes with being different.

There's an awareness needed. An awareness of yourself and your place in society. An awareness that we are all connected and your actions affect others.

It's about kindness. There is no excuse to not be kind as a default reaction. Sure, sometimes a situation will need something other than that, but kindness will almost always go further than anything else.

It's about action. Do not be afraid to take that next step. Do not let anyone decide that for you. You have a choice. Exercise your right to define what your life will be for yourself.

Let's be "different" together.


"Think More : Care More : LIVE More" - It's about a life full of awareness, kindness, and action!